Ivana, Deepwater Contracts Manager

Ivana is a Deepwater Contracts Manager for Total Nigeria, and is involved with the handling of contracts for the entire Deepwater district of Total Nigeria.

Tell us about your experiences since joining Total.

I joined Total in 2005 and have been fortunate enough to have worked abroad for them. I spent 18 months in Houston and recently returned from Paris, having been there for 20 months. I have gained invaluable experience, and seen the immense opportunities offered by a multicultural and multinational company. Because of these experiences, I am much better prepared to contribute to Total’s success in Nigeria.

What can you tell us about yourself? Any interests or hobbies?

I am a very good team player and enjoy working with others. And with the experience I’ve gained, I’m always eager to help others and impart some of the knowledge I’ve gained. Travelling is a huge passion of mine, seeing the world can open your eyes to so much. I live a very healthy lifestyle, and enjoy exercising. I also enjoy listening to gospel music. These are the things that energise me, and keep me focused.

How does your role assist Total, and their commitment to better energies?

My role as a Deepwater Contracts manager allows me to have very close control over the drilling and technical aspects of our off-shore drilling projects, such as Egina. By ensuring these key components are governed efficiently, we are able to assist Total in all of their Deepwater projects, and provide continued support of Total’s commitment to better energy.


Expatriation opens your eyes to the world.

Short Resume

  • 2005- Present:

    Total E&P Nigeria

  • 2005:

    Diploma in Purchasing and Supply (MCIPS), Chartered institute of purchasing and supply, United Kingdom

  • 2001-2005:

    Supply Chain Analyst, Shell Petroleum Development Company Limited

  • 1992-2001:

    Trainee to manager, Diamond Bank PLC

  • 1985-1990:

    Bachelors in Chemical Engineering

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