24/08/2015 - Press release

Following a Sabotage, TEPNG Mobilizes to Secure Oil Export Pipeline Onshore, Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria August 24, 2015

On August 17, 2015, Total E&P Nigeria reported it had stopped expedition of crude on its Obagi-Rumuekpe oil export pipeline, after observing an oil spill at Kilometer 25 and 27 locations. Relevant authorities had been informed immediately.

A Joint Investigation Visit (JIV), in accordance with the extant regulations, has been carried out since then on the oil spill locations, with relevant regulatory agencies (DPR, NOSDRA, Rivers State Ministry of Environment). It has allowed the JIV team to ascertain that the oil spill incident was due to third-party interference (sabotage).

Total mobilized intervention teams, to clamp the leaks on the pipeline. Relevant agencies and service providers were also mobilized and have deployed containment booms to contain the spill and prevent further spread.

TEPNG is committed to preventing further spread of the spill and to restore the environment. Total will continue to work with the relevant government authorities and communities, to ensure that this is achieved.

Further updates shall be provided in due course.

Total E&P Nigeria operates OML 58 with a 40% interest, alongside the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (60%).