19/08/2015 - Press release

Oil Stoppage on TEPNG’s Oil Export Pipeline onshore, Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria August 17, 2015

Total E&P Nigeria Ltd (TEPNG) has stopped expedition of crude on its Obagi – Rumuekpe 12” Oil Export Pipeline in Rivers State.

During crude oil expedition operation on 16th of August 2015 an abnormal situation was observed as the oil expedited from Obagi was not received at Rumuekpe metering station. Expedition was immediately stopped and a helicopter over-flight was carried out, which revealed oil spill and fresh excavations on the pipeline Right Of Way.

Relevant authorities have been informed.

In view of the highly volatile nature of the area and the security concerns, we are working with the Nigerian Security Agencies to secure the location and provide safe access for intervention teams.

The volume of oil spilled and area of impact have not been estimated.

Further updates shall be provided in due course.

Total E&P Nigeria operates OML 58 with a 40% interest, alongside the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (60%).